Best way to get downloads of user from most recent


I have been using the hlt_client to make downloads. The problem I am facing is that when I download a users replay the client starts from the users start history instead of current. Is there a way to reverse this to get more recent history? Or am I going to have to do this manually / start scraping the website.

Also in the halite client there is salt and gold buckets. Can someone define these?


I don’t think there’s a flag to change the sorting, but we’d appreciate any PR to do so.

Replays are stored in two different buckets - one for (IIRC) Gold and above and one for everyone else. There’s no real difference between them otherwise.


Any way you can like to the file where the api’s are exposed in the code base. Having trouble finding them.

I mean for the server, not for the halite_client because I already found the two available ones.

#4,time_played (replace 1 with the user ID)


Ok so where is this api defined in the code base im asking also? There is an API’s folder in the github page with the sql queries for the db but I can’t find the controller that one makes the request.

I can start with this but I want to see the rest also if possible. In case if there are other ideas such as pulling info besides the latest bots for example.


Sorry for the delay, here it is: