Can't submit new bot


I submitted the tutorial bot through the code editor. However, I can no longer upload any new version. It also seems that the Team Bot is called Current(1), where my bot is daggertye(1). Is there a fix to this?


Yeah, It appears that I can’t upload a new bot from my zip file either :confused:


Has there been any fix to this solution. I still can’t upload anything!


@daggertye you’ll have to ask the team leader to submit the bot for now.

@djbyrne are you getting an error? It looks like you’ve never submitted any bot.


Hey @lidavidm, I have submitted 6 bots now. My first one was through the submit button with a zip file. However that hasn’t worked for me recently. Since then I have been submitting through the online editor tool.

Also I should clarify. I am not getting that specific error, it simply won’t let me submit anything.


@djbyrne is there any error in the JavaScript console after you try to submit? (Command-Option-J on MacOS, Control-Shift-J on Windows)