Haskell - start kit?


Is anyone using Haskell? Any chance that you could add a starter kit?




I’m using Haskell :wink:

I probably can extract starter kit from my bot. It’s somewhat hacky though…


I’m also working on a Haskell bot. I have types and a parser. I’m now writing a minimum api. Will share as soon as it is usable.


Hi there,

I have the beginning of a starter kit for Haskell. Still work in progress. Please bear in mind the following points before using it:

  • devoid of documentation and tests
  • liberal interpretation of the game API rather than a like-for-like translation
  • no ability to run a pre-game analysis
  • no ability to share state across turns
  • no logging
  • no random generator

I’ll work on the missing features with the hope to make it an official starter kit. However it will be some time as i would like to get feedback on the code as it is first and also start implementing my own AI.

You will find the kit at https://github.com/clm84/Halite-III/tree/haskell-starter-kit/starter_kits/Haskell.

Let me know what you think of it.


I started one myself, but you’ve got further and your code is much nicer.

I’ll have a go with it.




I really like the use of attoparsec and streams - I spent ages trying to work out how to do that.