How do you get the Halite 3 CLI working locally?


Last year the hlt client was pretty fully-featured and could manage testing bots locally and uploading new versions of your bot all from your terminal.

I see that there is a link to some bits of python that look like they are the updated hlt_client on the downloads page, but this is a zip file to a directory without a After doing some digging I found what looks like an installable package on github here, though that also has several install bugs that lead me to believe it’s not supposed to be used either.

Even after fixing the installation bugs on the code I found on github, the hlt tool I’ve installed from source appears to have all the features of last year’s, it can do auth and has a bunch of sub commands there, but the command for uploading a new version of your bot plainly does not work. While it tells you the bot’s been uploaded successfully, after waiting a few minutes I see nothing new is building. The zip file is okay because when I manually upload it through the web ui the build runs and my new version begins to play.

Has anyone else gotten the cli working locally? Am I looking for docs in the wrong place?


@cpdean, apologies for the issues you’ve encountered. We will add the missing documentation on how to use this year’s hlt client, which has the same features as last year’s client. Do the below work for you?

First, download from the Downloads page here & unzip.

Run the client: python -m hlt_client

Authenticate: python -m hlt_client auth

Upload bot: python -m hlt_client bot -b [PATH_TO_ZIP] upload

Download current bot: python -m hlt_client bot -b [PATH_TO_ZIP] download


Could a / requirements file be added, please?
Also, the hlt_client on GitHub appears to just be last year’s client, is the new one under too much development to push to the repo?


@timjolson, yes, there is an up-to-date available in the repo here. This file will be included in client downloads from the web UI after our next deploy.

The hlt_client has the same features as last year, with a few small updates. We’ll share the missing README this week.

Thanks for your requests!


Yep, using the python -m hlt_client form works. Thanks!