Open source bots [Python]


Hi All.

I’m going to publish my bots (some) in my blog so hopefully, this will provide some ideas and helpful code to other players.

The link of the first bot is:

And the link to the blog is:

Have fun! :wink:


Did you add that ship_status or it change in the upgrade version to the engine?
Obrigado :slight_smile:


So far I’m keeping the ship_status idea from the tutorial. I do think it’s a good one.
What I’m trying to do is to create different status. One that I was thinking to do is a “cleaning” that simply collect all the halite around the shipyard so it’s cheaper to go and come back to it.
Another could be the “scouter” to look for better pools of halite. But I remembered that we know at each round of the game how much halite there is in each cell. So no need for this one.


I would like to warn you that it’s hard to find the right balance between being helpful and enabling copy bots. We have hard stance on plagiarizm and will ban players that have bots that are copies of each other.


For example you might want to put a big warning somewhere saying that you will be banned if you submit code that is discoverable by googling for it.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll put some big warning in the blog and not posting the last version of my bot.
Btw, is it ok if you use part of someone else’s code?


It’s a difficult topic. I don’t have a simple guidance for it. There are two sides - people who want as fair competition as possible, based purely on your own skills; then there is side that just wants to learn/teach. It’s possible it’s not such a big of a deal unless you end up in top10, top100, top250 or some other upper ranks. For example if we discover 5 bots in top25 that we suspect perform well because they share a non-trivial navigation function verbatim (a function that we believe is unlikely to be developed independently), then we might ban all five.


Even so, it’s a complex topic I think I understand the main guidance you gave me (and all forum’s users).
I’ll keep this in mind when posting new information about my bot. :ballot_box_with_check: