Org rank showing high when Im the only one


Im the only person from my org currently, On my profile it shows my organization rank as 88th. But Im the only one from my org at this time. Am I missing something?

EDIT as is wont let me reply for 5 hours?

Its now climbing, but I am still the only member or the org currently joined in the competition.

Ah, so this must not be a rank internal to the org, but a ranking of ORG’s themselves. I get it now. :frowning:

My bad…


@jwjohns Yes, the profile shows your organization’s global rank, which is determined by the number of games won over the past 7 days. This rank is the same as displayed in the organization tab on the leaderboard.

We will clarify what the organization rank means on the profile. Thanks!


I’m quite possibly the only idiot who thought this. :laughing: