Organization wont link


Hello, can you add my company please, INSYDIUM,


@whatelsie I’m also having that issue. Can you add as well? Thank you!


My university is not appearing either. It’s a brazilian university called “Universidade Anhembi Morumbi”. E-mail domais is:


@Sakr @bmoe872 @Iel your organizations have now been added. Cheers!


Hello whatelsie,

I have the same problem. I am in a company called onepoint however the end of the email is

Is it possible to add onepoint please?



@xinri, onepoint and the associated domain have now been added to our system. Cheers!



Thanks for the answer, however, i still cannot see the organization in the profile nor in the leaderboard.
I just update my profile with my professional email but It still didn’t update the organization.



@xinri, apologies for the trouble. Please try the following to confirm your affiliation: 4 > “Edit Affiliation” > Fill in work email again > “Update Profile” under Account Info


it works now. Thank you very much.


Hey Guys,

could you please add “EFS GmbH” and associated it to the "" domain?

Best regards and thank you very much,


Thanks, @ToniLubiniecki. Your organization has now been added!