What is the rank that divides Gold and Silver Tiers?


What is the rank that divides Gold and Silver Tiers?

According to the Halite website, the top 1% of players are considered Diamond; the next 5% are considered Platinum, then the next 10% are Gold, 25% are Silver, and the rest are Bronze.

Does Rank 642 belong to the last of Gold Tier, and Rank 643 belong to the beginning of of Silver Tier, if there are total of 4014 players in the competition?

The Halite Analysis website correctly reflects this calculation. But the official Halite Leaderboard shows that the dividing line is between Rank 628 and Rank 629.

Can anyone confirm the right way to calculate the Gold Tier vs Silver Tier? Thanks!


Maybe I should state why I am interested to know this.
I am at the borderline between Gold and Silver. The right way to divide the two will determine if I am a Silver or a Gold.


I think the issue arises because there are more than 10 people tied at 0 rating at the 3908th rank. They are all accounts that didn’t upload, or accounts that were deactivated because of team formation. The leaderboard continues to 3907 when you get past them, so it’s not accurate.

The halite website leaderboard is your best bet. So go with 628/629.


Though there are a few people having a tie with 0 at the rank tail, I thought it shouldn’t affect the way we determine the top 1% (diamond), next 5% (platinum), next 10% (gold)?

In other way to view this, even all the bots in the whole bronze category are having rating of 0, it shouldn’t affect the diamond, platinum, gold categorization.

Can anyone from the organizer team clarify this? Thanks! :sweat_smile:


It is calculated incorrectly.

I don’t think the tiers matter that much anyway