Anyone know how the winner was determined here?


Seems like the one listed as the loser had more halite at the end of the game and both bots became ship-less on the same turn

Halite Version Updates

Same post as here: Bug in "suiciding" on home with halite for "final" move?


Submitted to the discord as well. They are looking into if it is an acceptable edge case, or if it’s how the game should work. (The question is: did the bot really make it home “alive” to deliver it’s payload…

Sorry to be the one to test it on you :slight_smile:


Lucky for me this isn’t actually my bot, but I found this specific situation because I stumbled across your strategy. Which, by the way, is not something I had even considered defending against! I’ll admit I was pretty captivated and realized that my bot had only lucked out in prior encounters with similar strategies.

Well played!