Bot compilation outage?


I have had my for a couple of versions now, installing some extra python modules and it was working fine. Today I upload without modifying this file at all (really, I check the repo diff) and I’m getting a compilation failure.

Has anybody else experienced this issue? The compilation logs shows:

End of stdout. stderr as follows:
chmod: changing permissions of '': Operation not permitted
End of output.

My script has no chmod at all, I suspect this is some change on server side.


Hey, let me take a look. We did change it to fail the compilation if failed (before it would silently proceed, which was confusing.)


I’ve manually compiled your bot for now. There’s a bug in the backend script that the other change exposed, we’ll be tracking on Github.


Thank you! That was fast :slight_smile:

Not totally related, but I have noticed that my old bot stop playing after the new one got rejected. I think is a better behavior to let the old one keep playing, maybe you want to consider that too.

Also, I experienced a previous issue, fails if it has windows file terminations (\r\n). I know it’s supposed to be a unix file, but I guess that’s an easy improvement that can help a lot.


I think this problem hit me too. I submitted a new bot last night with instead of, and then shortly after resubmitted with an that had previously worked, but lacked the --system flag that’s now recommended in the starter-kit readme.

I made that correction, and attempted to resubmit but didn’t receive any messages about whether it was working, or what might be going wrong, but I now expect I’m affected by the same backend script bug.


This should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble. Let me know if it’s still not working.