Bronze tier(59% of the players) Is this misleading?


Am I the only one who finds the info provided, via a tooltip when hovering over a player’s badge, a bit misleading? The badges are now shown on the replay page after today’s upgrade.


Just guessing but, if everyone has only submitted the “hello world” bot version from the web editor, then everyone is in 3rd place.

After enough real submissions get uploaded I imagine the spread will look more natural.


Bronze tier is everyone who is not in another tier. The leaderboard is currently buggy (off-by-one error in JavaScript, yay!) and is not showing tiers correctly; any blank badge should actually be a bronze badge.


I do think that the wording of the “59%” is strange. Whilst technically true, in fact 100% of players reach at least bronze, whereas the 59% implies some exclusivity and also is a strange and jarring number to read without understanding why exactly it is.


The tooltips for the higher tiers are also misleading. For example, if you’re in platinum, the tooltip says top 5%, when it really is top 6% (since top 1% is diamond and the next 5% is platinum).