Bug in "suiciding" on home with halite for "final" move?


So we aren’t sure if this is intentional or not… but should this be a “win” for Green?

It looks like the win is determined before the halite “drops”.

Note: the replay makes it look like Red won… but they didn’t according to the records (we’ve tested this offline as well).

Anyone know how the winner was determined here?
Halite Version Updates

It’s probably a bug - the collision should resolve before the halite gain at Darjeed’s shipyard does.


The collision does resolve before the drop-off. However, when two ships collide on a drop, the cargo of both ships counts as deposited to the player who owns the drop.

The real question is, should the end of game logic trigger when the final ship dies, or after the deposit is registered. (My opinion, and clearly what happened, is that game over happens after every possible event has been resolved)