Building Ships / Dropoffs - Halite Calculation


I was wondering how the game works out if you have enough Halite to build (either a ship or a drop-off). Is it based off the Halite at the beginning of the turn - or the amount at the end of the turn?

Player A has 500 halite.
On the same turn:

  • Attempts to spawn a new ship (‘g’)
  • Moves a ship with 600 halite over a drop-off point.

Would the new ship spawn as the total Halite (at the end of the turn) is 1100. (ie. including any deposited on the same turn).
Or would the command fail as the system would only register 500 halite at that point in time?

Related to that, if you try to build without enough Halite do you automatically lose, or does it just ignore the command? I was just wondering if build / spawn commands could be based off potential halite (ie. i haven’t got enough at the moment, but if another ship can deposit halite on this turn…)



All costs are calculated before anything else is done, so you won’t be able to use halite that you’re about to deposit for anything. For dropoffs, the cost does account for the halite that the ship is carrying, as well as the halite under the ship, so you can build a dropoff even without 4000 halite stored.