Can the ship goes over dropout, shipyard of another player?


Just would like to hear the confirmation:

  • you can go over opponent dropouts/shipyards, nothing will happen or your halite will be dropped out there?
  • the dropout and shipyard is not a ship, so they wont affect inspiration?
  • the production under shipyard is zero, so it costs nothing to move over it?
  • if opponent produces the ship same tick you are over the shipyard, they would collide and they got all halite from the your ship or they wont be able to spawn one?

  • Nothing will happen if you are on an opponents shipyard or drop.
  • I do not believe either affect inspiration, although I’m not 100% certain on this one.
  • There is no cost to leave the shipyard/drop, as it will also be 0 (0 * .1 = 0)
  • If ships collide over a shipyard/drop, they both drop their halite and it is collected by the zone and given to the player. Watch the end game mechanics of some of the top bots for an example of this being used to their advantage.