Can't see replay


I can’t see any replay. When I lunch my bot vs himself, it’s just:

Starting game…
Your bot generated a log.
Fetching replay…

and nothing happens.

When I wont to see math with another person it shows:
There was an error parsing the replay. To resolve the issue, try hard refreshing the page with Ctrl + F5 (Windows) or Command + Shift + R (Mac).
Refreshing don’t help.


@RD193, to address these issues, we suggest force refreshing the page, which clears the browser cache. For the editor issue, you can also try logging out and logging back in again.


I’m facing the same problem. Hard refreshing doesn’t help. I also cleared all the storage from the site. Still not working.


@IshanArya @RD193 could you please provide information on your OS, browser, and browser version so we can try to reproduce the issue? Thank you.


It seems to be working now. Might have been something on our end. Thank you.