Collection of Post-mortems & Bot Source Code


Reply with a link to add yours to the list! :slight_smile:

#1 Teccles: Java Source Code & Post-mortem
#2 SiestaGuru: Java Source Code
#3 ReCurs3: Post-mortem
#4 Team Schildpad: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#5 AndersGee: Julia Source Code & Post-mortem
#6 TheDuck314: C++ Source Code & Post-mortem
#7 Abenner: C++ Source Code
#8 ZanderShah: C++ Source Code
#9 AllYourTurtles: Python Source Code
#11 Jstaker7: ML Source Code & Post-mortem
#12 Blasterpoard: C++ Source Code
#13 Cowzow: Java Source Code & Post-mortem
#14 FiodorG: C++ Source Code
#15 Cdurbin: Clojure Source Code
#16 Jaraz: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#18 Mlomb: C++ Source Code & Post-mortem
#23 Dhallstr: Java Source Code
#25 Chessjawa: Java Source Code & Post-mortem
#28 En3rG: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#30 Halvorboe: Python Source Code
#36 Estoev: C# Source Code
#39 Bderrett: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#40 Cyberferret44: C# Source Code & Post-mortem
#43 Salticid: OCaml Source Code
#48 Team Lobsters: C++ Source Code
#52 Mbillingr: Rust Source Code & Post-mortem
#60 MichalOp: Python Source Code
#62 Jasmouth: Java Source Code & Post-mortem
#66 StoneT2000: JavaScript Source Code & Post-mortem
#77 Shiva108: C++ Source Code
#80 Louislawkitlung: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#86 Team G-ATAK: Python Source Code
#91 Coleholc: Python Source Code & Post-mortem
#93 Team Sea_whackers: Python Source Code
#96 Fohristiwhirl: Go Source Code
#103 Zluhcs: C# Source Code
#106 Nhumrich: Python Source Code
#115 Nccvector: Post-mortem
#118 DataWraith: Post-mortem
#130 Kg2s: Python Source Code
#140 Matt_: Python Source Code
#220 Awesomelemonade: Java Source Code
#235 Intelligence_Inc: JavaScript Source Code
#243 Team Highlander: Python Source Code
#247 Nlgordon: Java Source Code
#329 Will-Smith11: Python Source Code

(Deprecated) source code links

I’ll be writing an explanation of my bot in the README of my repo in the next few days - people might want to wait until then to read it.


Hello, I would like to add my bot to the list:


My python source code (ranked 76 before finals)


I’m embarrassed by how messy this code is, but I’m going ahead and publishing it anyway. :slight_smile: Now I never have to touch it again…


Hello! Here’s a bot in C#:


I have added a post mortem summary of my bots behaviour. Feel free to ask about it (my halite withdrawal is already kicking in :smiley: )


Source and post-mortem (in the readme) of my Rust bot (rank 52 or so):


My source code now comes with a bit of a post-mortem, which hopefully explains most of my algorithm without needing to read all the code.

Feel free to ask me questions (here or on the Discord) about the algorithm, code or development.


My bot+write up. Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to fully flesh out all the aspects of the game, but I felt like my target selection was very strong so I wrote up some of the details. Strong target selection and modest navigation alone allowed me to break into the top 200 without any implementation of dropoffs or inspiration exploitation.


My bot:

I hope to write a postmortem in the next week or so.


Here is my postmortem:

I am assuming I finished third place, will fix if it comes up otherwise :wink:

I hope you enjoy the read!


My bot was around 235 after about 85-90 games in the finals but dropped to 275 today for some reason, even though my mu is almost exactly the same. I dropped from plat down to gold, I could still post my code if anyone would be interested.


I think people should feel free to share their code no matter what rank they attain/expect. It might not go into the sorted list at the top, but some people may like to download as many bots as they can regardless of rank (e.g for running local matches) so the more the merrier. :slight_smile:


Hey im currently ranked 106, here is my post-mortem:

The code was messy and no one would ever want to read it, because i was learning python at that time so ive done a post-mortem instead

And sorry for the B2 image as avatar on github, its just that im a fan of recurs3 since halite II :smiley:


Here is my bot in C++ . Currently ranked in the 70’s


Wow, @reCurs3 that “Battle Station” is amazing!


Here’s my source code and post-mortem. At #38 at the moment.


Heres my bot and a little description on how it works. See you guys next year!

And yes, @reCurs3 battlefront is amazing lol


Here is my bot and a quick write up about it. I am at 32nd as of posting this. Feels bad man