Collection of Post-mortems & Bot Source Code


For anyone interested, the github link to my bot in the OP now points to a postmortem writeup.


Here’s my bot:

I’ll add an explanation in the readme later. As of now I am #234.

#23 Here is my bot


My JavaScript source code (currently at rank 65)

Comes with some explanation of my code and a postmortem will follow up later


Damn, you have a variable called despacito in your source code :joy:




I added a post-mortem for my bot.


Here is my code:

I wanted to keep things simple and submit a bot using only the online editor. No additional libraries(like numpy) were used.


You found it :slight_smile: I was tired so don’t judge me


Here’s ours (G-ATAK)

Currently rank 81.


My python RL bot, currently without much description. I will try to write it soon. [Edit] currently rank 59


I’m sure it’s been asked and answered elsewhere, but I (and I’m sure others) would love to know what you used to create your Battle Station/replay viewer.
Is it a Qt app?


I’d guess it’s Dear ImGui rather than Qt.


Team Schildpad (#4) source code (Python) + summary

Halite III was our first programming competition and we enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to Two Sigma for creating a challenging game, organising it smoothly and making it visually attractive, well done! Thanks also to all other players, especially to fohristiwhirl and mlomb for creating/sharing their tools and to SiestaGuru for unknowingly pushing us, since at some point a while ago we set the goal to be 1st of the Netherlands (which obviously failed: congratz to SiestaGuru! :smile:).


Here is code for my bot:
I am currently #103


AllYourTurtles (rank 10)


Rank 18:
Here is my post-mortem:
And my code:


#39 Python, with a little machine learning.


#62: Source code (Java) + post-mortem:



Java/Groovy. Lots of unfinished thoughts…