Collection of Post-mortems & Bot Source Code


My C# bot:
ranked 103.

Thanks everyone. Great competition. Congrats to the winners and thanks for sharing!


My python bot #16:

Warning the code is painful! Thanks for the great competition everyone, great work!!!


nice writeup, was also using brackets & JS and found it worked just fine for this game except for my lack of a debugger. very clever move implementing the block the shipyard state.


This is mine written in python. I finished in place #503 and my code is quite messy but I think I did a few things decently (using a solution to the Assignment Problem for movement decisions). Thanks for the great competition!


He didn’t post it himself but here is the writeup of jstaker7 who to my knowledge is the highest ranked pure ML bot?


Here’s my source:


This is my python bot source code. Rank 300