(Deprecated) source code links


AndersGee https://github.com/Andersgee/Halite3
blasterpoard https://github.com/blasterpoard/Halite3
atomoton https://github.com/atomoton/halite2018

Please add yours here: Post-Mortem & Bot Source Code


I’ll be cleaning up mine and doing a write-up, probably this weekend some time. I’ll post a link to it here.


If anyone is interested in what a person who has been coding for 3 months code looks like, this is for you…

My bot before the finals started was sitting around 290th position


It’s not really a post-mortem, but I wrote a description of how my bot (#125-ish) works: https://gist.github.com/DataWraith/4115f04bbb097986e19536cd0dda9522 . I decided to err on the side of brevity for the final text, because the initial draft was way too verbose. If anything is unclear as a consequence, feel free to ask here or comment below the gist.