Halite 2018 Stats & Analysis


Just like last year, I made a page to analyse bots and graph player mu’s over time among new things.

Site: https://halite2018.mlomb.me


  • Historical: graph multiple player mu’s since Oct 16.
  • Live game feed with filters: you can filter by players, num_players and map sizes and they appear as being played!
  • Bot analysis: compare winrates in different map sizes and more (coming soon)
  • Live leaderboard: (Not done yet) like last year, to feel the emotion during finals.

For suggestions and improvements ping me on Discord!

If you want to link someone’s analysis you can use this link (will default to the latest version):

Halite Rating calculation

I’m bumping this. Just because it is SO AWESOME.


This is so incredible that I’m writing my first post to say it.

PS: I know that I have to work on performance on bigger maps thanks to this stats


Awesome!! Congrats for this excelent job!


Amazing, thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you so much. This is really helpful!


I’ve found it very useful, thank you!