Halite III Midseason Update


The Halite III Competition is more than halfway over. We hope you are enjoying Halite. Over three million games in 24 programming languages have been played on our game servers so far, and people are playing in over one hundred countries!

Today we’re sharing some game strategy developments and celebrating the top midseason players.

Midseason Observations
Halfway through the Halite III competition, we’ve seen that context matters. There are different strategies used in two player versus four player games. Read more about our midseason observations here.

Midseason Leaders
Congratulations to our midseason leaders, teccles, TheDuck314, and reCurs3.

A benchmark bot called tsadmiral is on the leaderboard. Any player whose bot is ranked higher than tsadmiral has earned the right to be an Admiral!

Our Admirals so far: abenner, adam, AndersGee, Belonogov, Billiam, bogdandm, cdurbin, Chessjawa, colin, ColinWHart, cowzow, csmyu, cyberferret44, daeglin, dmahan93, En3rG, Ender, estoev, FiodorG, fohristiwhirl, GreenTea, Jaraz, kjs6x2, kovi, Kowys, mlomb, mpbuckley, mrr, nofate090, Psyho, Rachol, r3versi, reCurs3, Salticid, shummie, SiestaGuru, siman, Stealthx7, Team Schildpad, Team VQ, teccles, TheDuck314, timfoden, TonyK, v3ck, ZanderShah, and zxqfl.

Well done, Admirals! :tada:

There’s plenty of time to climb the leaderboards before the competition ends on January 22nd. Invite your friends to join you, and share the fun of Halite III!