Halite in a box, offline tool, doesn't show the log files


Hi everyone,

I am trying to output a log:

c = random.random()
d = random.random()
e = random.random()
logging.debug(“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))
logging.info(“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))

logging.warning(“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))

logging.error(“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))
logging.critical(“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))
logging.log(40,“c: {}, d: {}, e: {}”.format(c, d, e))

and it works in the online editor but none of the above appear in the log files using the offline tool.
I am using python.