Halite limit per cell?


Is there any limit on how much halite can be placed into a particular map cell? If yes, can this limit be bypassed by crashing a ship with huge cargo in this cell?


Yes, 1000 halite per cell/ship by default (hlt.constants.MAX_HALITE). And yes, it can by bypassed (my debug visualizer crashed because of it). Actually It happen quite often in 4 players matches on small maps (everyone trying to get drop from first collide and then chain reaction is started).
Edit: Saw it in a recent replay turn 268


So, the constant hlt.constants.MAX_HALITE is both maximum cargo per ship and maximum halite as generated on start, right?


yes (why minimum 20 symbols per post?)


Actually I found out that this isn’t quite true.

There are more constants sent by the engine than parsed by starter kit and exposed as hlt.Constants.

As for cell production, there are two consts:


It looks that the latter controls how much halite map generator can place in a particular cell. It is only by coincidence equal to MAX_ENERGY, which is also 1000, and which is the maximum cargo that a ship can carry (exposed as hlt.Constants.max_halite by starter kit).

What I am curious of is what is MIN_CELL_PRODUCTION then? It looks that maps can definitely have less than 900 per cell… My best guess that both numbers are just some input parameters to map generator, since real maps can have no cells with 1000 halite as well as many cells with less than 900 halite.