Halite Version Updates


We’ll be tracking new releases of Halite here!

You may have to force-refresh the website to watch games (Control-Shift-R).

Known Issues


Version 1.2 Halite Version Updates

Version 1.1.6, 2018/12/10

Thanks as always to all our contributors!

  • Starter kits:
    • Python starter kit now preserves ship instances between turns (issue 88), positions can normalize themselves (PR), and ship instances are now hashable (PR)
    • C# starter kit now has GetSurroundingCardinals (PR
  • Engine:
  • Website
    • show_user works for #1 player now
    • Finals status page up to date

Version 1.1.5, 2018/11/23

  • Starter kits:
    • Community-contributed kits: Clojure, TypeScript
  • Documentation:
    • More documentation about game.players
    • Link to community stats/analysis page
  • Nim, Kotlin now available for compilation.

Version 1.1.4, 2018/11/07

  • Starter kits:
    • Community-contributed kits: C#, OCaml
    • Fixes for Julia; tweaks to Go
  • hlt_client
    • Documentation added
  • Community manager added (see bottom of Downloads)
  • Engine:
    • Slightly less CPU usage

Version 1.1.3, 2018/10/30

  • Starter kits:
    • Community-contributed kits: Julia
    • Tweaks for PHP; D starter kit should actually contain D code
  • Compilation:
    • Fixes for Julia.
    • Support for Lua 5.3. Use the extension lua53 on MyBot (i.e. submit MyBot.lua53).
  • Engine:
    • Less CPU usage on Windows.
    • Properly terminate bots on Windows.
    • Should not end game once halite is mined out, unless all ships are also empty.
    • --no-replay will still print out logs, rank info.
  • hlt_client
    • bin/hlt and setup.py/requirements.txt now properly included.
    • New option to not decompress replays.
  • Website:
    • Challenges info should be shown.
    • Firefox should no longer cut off graphs.
    • A Halloween surprise :jack_o_lantern:

Version 1.1.2, 2018/10/24

  • Starter kits:
    • Community-contributed kits: D, Julia, PHP, Ruby
    • Various tweaks. (You may have to update things in your bot if you want to use a newer starter kit. Older starter kits will continue working.)
  • Compilation: install.sh failing will also fail compilation as a whole instead of silently proceeding. Fixed bug with install.sh always failing.
  • Engine:
    • Fixed bug where player with 1000 halite would be kicked out.
    • Fixed segfault when issuing commands to nonexistent ship. (Now the bot that attempted this will be kicked out.)
    • Fixed --turn-limit option.
  • Website:
    • New colorblind theme
    • You should be able to upload bots with a CMakeLists.txt but no MyBot.cpp.
    • Fix for not being able to challenge users not in the top 250.
    • Tier badges are now doubly broken…

Version 1.1, 2018/10/23

Version 1.0.2, 2018/10/19 (Git commit summary):

  • No engine logic changes
    • Engine accepts --results-as-json with --no-replay
  • Challenges are now running again
  • Starter kit improvements
  • Website fixes

Replay upload error
JSON output and replays

Less CPU usage on Windows.

It’s great! Like 10 times faster (from 40% CPU usage down to 4%).:+1:


Version that can be actually downloaded from https://halite.io/learn-programming-challenge/downloads is 1.1.3, which is good, but column “Version” on that page says it’s still, which is misleading.


2018/12/17: Version 1.2 is now rolling out over the next hour. Changes:

  • Game engine:
    • Various fixes for ranking involving cases where players crash.
    • ‘halite dropped’ stat now ignores halite dropped over friendly dropoffs.
  • Starter kits:
    • Python:
      • Starter kit now normalizes all positions in the Position constructor
      • get_unsafe_moves properly handles wraparound.
      • Fixed
  • Website:
    • Explicitly set session cookie expiration. This fixes people being signed out after closing their browser.
  • Blockly: a new Blockly-based editing experience is now available. Build a JavaScript bot without writing code!


What is a friendly dropoff?


One of your dropoffs/shipyard.


2018/01/21: Version 1.2.1 is now deployed. Changes: