How to Change Profile Avatar


Is it possible to change the avatar if you’re logging using a Google account? Also, is it possible to upload some avatar for the team as a whole? Thx.


Hi @allenfrostline, unfortunately, we do not allow for avatars to be modified or uploaded in Halite. Best of luck in the competition!


Thank you @whatelsie ! Now I got it. Though, may I ask how’re all those avatars on the leaderboard determined? Seems they can pick theirs.


@allenfrostline, the users with custom avatars have authenticated with Github. The system pulls in Github users’ profile image as their Halite avatar.


@whatelsie Gotcha. Thanks :slight_smile:


Easy method, not sure if multiple bots break the rules or not.

But log out of halite, log into GitHub, then log back into halite with GitHub, upload the same bot but now you have a custom avatar pic. It’s based in whatever your GitHub pic is.

Not sure if the effort is worth it though.


Can you add an option for attaching github account?
When I try to sign up with github I get the message.
“message”: “User already exists with this email.”,
“status”: “failure”