How to create a ship temp variable


I want to make my ships all suicide at the end. So my algorithm is to find the ship with the lowest amount of halite and then create a temp ship variable to store that ship. Therefore, I can tell it to just survive until the very end after all other ships have sunken


You should just be able to create a variable outside the game loop and store it there.


How would I initialize the variable?
Ship survivor = new Ship(parameters)?
but that gives me an error.


why can’t you just do Ship survivor = (name of ship variable)?


Since, the temp ship survivor is outside the game loop and my for each ship loop is inside the game loop (where I would be setting the temp ship survivor variable to the ship that should be the last one remaining). I can’t set it, right?


I don’t understand.

Ship survive = null;
while (true) {
    //update game frame, etc.
    for (Ship s : me.ships.values()) {
        if(someCondition(s) && s != null) {
            survive = s;

        if (s.equals(survive)) {
            //do fancy things to make your ship survive!


Im so sorry, my mind went autopilot there. I completely forgot about null. Thank you so much for your time and help!


Haha, don’t worry, no problem! It happens to all of us. Just watch out for NullPointerExceptions… :slight_smile:


You dont have to have a ship survive. That rule is a only if you have less than 1000 halite. As long as you have enough halite to spawn a ship, you dont have to have a surviving ship.


What you are saying is, at the last turn. I can add a spawn ship command after every other ship has suicided?


He’s saying that you don’t need to have a Ship alive as long as you have >= 1000 Halite.


But wouldn’t it be waste 1000 halite? Since the surviving ship wouldn’t be the one with anything close to 1000 halite in it’s cargo.


Question is, why would you want to have one Ship alive?
If “answer” equals “to not error out”: -> Read my previous Answer. (You refers to You, the Player, not the Ship) :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification. I’ve always thought that you lose whenever you lose all your ships. But i missed this line: “does not have a ship or enough energy to construct a ship.” Thanks again!