How to determine is one of our ship is inspired or not through default hlt code


Hi all,
is it possible to find if our ship is inspired or not using the default hlt code . if not then is there any easy logic to determine this .


Take a window around the ships position.
def get_window(game_map, source, sz=4):
window = []
for y in range(-sz, sz + 1):
for x in range(-sz, sz + 1):
pos = source + Position(x, y)
return window

Check for 2 enemies. In the window


You can also look into the game engine code for the inspiration -


You should check all tiles t such that manh_dist(t, ship) <= 4, where manh_dist is the Manhattan distance.
The area you are considering is wider than the actual inspired area.


The window ends up being 81 cells. 9x9 with ship at center. I guess the corners wouldn’t actually be within 4 tiles
Looks like the window should be 41 cells?


Correct, below an image. On the left the right inspiration area


Lol this change alone should give me more time for pathing on my bot.


i guess the num of own ship within the manh dist also matters for determining whether our ship is inspired or not .