How to upload zip with bot and hlt


I feel dumb asking this but I can’t seem to find the information in this forum or in the pages:
How do I upload a .zip file containing MyBots and the hlt folders?

I have checked all forum threads containing the word ‘upload’ and many mention the requirements (mybots at the top, optional, hlt folder included at the same level as the bot) but there’s nothing I can find about how to get the files onto the server.
I’ve also skimmed all of the tutorial guides and everywhere I find references that this is possible but no URL/FTP protocols or other upload instructions.

p.s. I have been using the online editor and the ‘submit’ button there, but I don’t think that will let me adjust the hlt folder contents or add additional files


I think you’re looking for (accessible via the “Play” link on the website).


Thank you! Yes I had totally missed that ‘select or drop .zip’ file panel area. :blush: