Iodine: a Halite 3 realtime viewer


A few people wanted this, though making it work is probably more fiddly than most would like…

Iodine is a realtime Halite 3 viewer, i.e. it lets you watch the game as it is played. This has some value for people with very slow bots. However, for the time being (and maybe forever) it requires you to download and build my own Halite 3 clone (Dubnium) since only it gives the output needed for the viewer to work.

The viewer itself is here. Follow the instructions carefully.


There were a couple of issues discovered recently. If anyone was trying this, I’d recommend:

  • Rebuilding dubnium from the latest version
  • Pulling iodine again

Otherwise, the viewer might hang or misdraw if a bot gives bad output.




This is amazing. This is the way it should be. Press button, watch a game start unfolding in the blink of an eye.


Throttling when hidden should now be fixed. The latest version of Dubnium also supports sending bot names to the engine (no more Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta…)


A speed issue that could cause the viewer to hang in very fast games has been fixed.

Live (turn by turn) bot debubbing and developement in Python (Windows)

A bug introduced in Dubnium on Wednesday 14th November has been fixed today; it affected collision detection.