Let all team members submit bots


I’m on a team with my friend, who is the leader, which means I am not able to submit bots on my own. It’s tedious to have to ask him every time to upload a new bot for me.

I suggest that all team members should be able to upload bots, and the most recent upload by any team member should be the newest submission for the entire team.


This is the case, you can all submit bots for the team - are you getting an error?


Then I’m probably just not doing it the right way. Once I paste my code into the code editor and press submit, it says “Error uploading bot: Only one bot allowed per user/team.”


Hmm, looks like the code editor is trying to create a new bot. You should be able to submit by downloading from the editor, then uploading the zip file on the Play page.

We’ll be tracking this issue at https://github.com/HaliteChallenge/Halite-III/issues/73.


That still gives the same error: https://imgur.com/a/6pesdNp


Ah, there’s definitely a bug in the frontend there. Alright, sorry for the trouble; we’ll work on a fix.