Logging.info does not show on downloaded log


From my profile on the halite website, I can see the games played and a section to download error log for a game (if bot crashed).
I downloaded the error log, but it contains minimal info, less than those shown on the web-based editor when I run a game. For example… below is ALL that is shown on the log.

Turn 123

error: timed out after 2000 ms (when reading string)
Last input received was:

When I test my code on the online editor, I use logging.info(…) and can see the info shown on the web-based editor when I run the game, but none of that is shown on the downloaded log mentioned above.

How can I get the same quality of info with the logging.info(…) for debugging for games that ran on the server?


As far as I known there is no way to get custom logs from servers.


You can use the replay script (there was a link somewhere on this forum). It takes a replay file, feeds the data to your bot and ignores the output. As long as your bot is deterministic, you’ll get the exact same log as if it was run on the server.



That would be nice to have to be able to add lines in the online log to understand specific behaviour online vs offline.