No effect from turn limit option to halite CLI


I’d like to limit the number of turns in my locally run halite games to get a faster loop of testing small changes and inspecting results, but adding --turn-limit 100 or something similar to the script doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’m using the halite client that came with the starter kit on day one, so I can see how it might be possible that my problem will go away if I update the halite client, which I’ll try later today.

I’m debugging some annoying navigation errors right now, and I’ve been inspecting my logs side by side with a visualization of the game to figure out what’s wrong. The errors can happen pretty early in a round, and are more likely on 64x64 map sizes because I’m doing some pretty inefficient pathfinding at the moment (which is also on my todo list :slight_smile: ) It would be really nice if I could run 50-100 turns of a 64x64 map game instead of 400, since my bot takes ~1.5 seconds per turn pretty consistently after turn 100 which means I have to wait a few minutes after I come up with a solution to try.

I guess I could also solve this problem by having my bot throw an error after 100 turns, and then I’d get my replay no problem.


Thanks for the report. I’ve got a fix here and it’ll probably be in the next engine release. That may not happen for a while though. So crashing your bot is probably the easiest work around for now.


No worries, and thanks!