Not using starter kit


I don’t like starter kit and would like to avoid using it or reading its code

Where can I find engine rules exactly? What input do I get? I want to avoid reading engine source as well obviously.



I know about that repository but they could have just written the rules somewhere

I want to read one text file with rules, not those over 9000 commits


This might help you for reading:

For writing, each turn you must send a single line of space separated commands. There are 3 types of commands, e.g.

  • g
  • c 4
  • m 12 e

The first says generate a new ship, the second says construct a dropoff by ship 4, and the third says move ship 12 east.

So a valid line would be g c 4 m 12 e\n

The order does not matter.

At startup, you must also send your bot’s name on a line (this is the very first thing you send).


Also look at the “Creating a starter kit” section in


Here is a gist for the IO rules of halite 3, hope it helps, let me know if you find anything wrong


Thanks everyone, this really helps