Organization wont link


I registered my organization email, but I am still not affiliated with any organization. Do I need to register the organization somehow, or does it just take time?


Hi @Volt, we may not have your organization email domain registered. I’ll reach out to you for more info. Thanks!


I’m in the same situation, if this is the way to report it. My org has been visible in this competition in the past.


If you do not see your organization, please send us a note with the name and type of organization, and we’ll get it added in. If your organization is a company or university, please also include the organization’s email domain.


I’m having the same problem. The name of my organization is “Oracle” and the email domain is "". Thanks!


@JacobNaylor, Oracle has now been added. Thanks!


@whatelsie, I’m having the same problem.
The name of my university is “Ghent University” and the email domain is “
Thanks in advance!


@KasperZutterman, Ghent University and the associated domain have now been added. Thank you!


@whatelsie could you add the organisation Sclable with the email domain
Thank you!


can you include my organization too, iTelaSoft.


@ryan_riginding @manojf both of your organizations have now been added. Cheers!


still it isn’t working :’(


@manojf, if you have previously registered, please try reverifying your professional email. > “Edit Affiliation” > Fill in work email > “Update Profile” under Account Info


Thank you… it worked :slight_smile:


Hello @whatelsie
We are a university called “19”, with the email address:

Thqnk you!


@sdespie, L’école 19 has now been added.


Thank you!
When I try to update it, I’ve the following message: ERROR: User not logged in.


Hi! Could you add my Company, please? The name is Petrobras and the domain is . Thanks!


@dcampeao, your company has now been added. Enjoy Halite!

@sdespie, if you are still receiving this error, we suggest logging out and logging back in.


It’s all good on my side now, thanks!