Please add game.reset()


Hi all,
Can we get a game reset command that can be sent from a bot to the game engine? Would be very helpful for RL algorithms. Now I understand this can be abused to score higher on the leaderboard. But I think there are many ways to prevent it.


The game engine source is public so you can fairly easily implement it yourself. You’d probably need to tinker with sources anyway to make it more efficient for RL purposes (e.g. communicating via i/o is very expensive).


Now that you mentioned it, I see the game source. I had no idea the game source code was open. This is for sure very helpful. Thank you!


If you make this, could you put it on github?


I would. It is gonna take a while though, as I am not familiar with the source code. I think it is gonna be a part of the learning experience for me.