Problem Downloading Replay Using HLT Client


Hi all,
I’m a beginner and having difficult using the hlt client.

I tried running the following command, but it does not save anything to the replay_files directory.
It also doesnt give any error in the terminal when I run this.

python -m hlt_client replay user -i conanjm0913 -l 5 -d replay_files

The only message I get from the terminal is:
“Downloading game files
Fetching Metadata
Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)”

Could someone please help?
Thank you!


Hello @conanjm0913,

The -i option argument must be a user ID, rather than a username. User IDs are found in the URL of the user profile page, e.g. your user profile page is, and your user ID is 2533.

You’ll be able to download your replays with the following:

python -m hlt_client replay user -i 2533 -l 5 -d replay_files

Let us know if we can provide further assistance!


Is there a way to filter both on user and on date? I would like to download only recent games from specific users.