Problem running Halite locally


I just downloaded Halite and when I try to run it, I always get the following error message in the Halite replays:

Turn 1

error: communication error with bot: Problem writing to pipe, errno was: 0 (No error)
Last input received was:

File “”, line 5, in

import hlt

File “C:\Users\Brecht\Documents\python_work\Halite\”, line 3, in

from . import commands, entity, game_map, networking, constants

File “C:\Users\Brecht\Documents\python_work\Halite\hlt\”, line 8, in

class Entity(abc.ABC):

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘ABC’

Any idea what the problem is?


Are you sure that you are using python3.6+?


Thanks for the quick reply, problem solved!