Python3, Halite bot working locally but not in webeditor


When I try to run my bot in the online editor it keeps giving me this error: TypeError: unhashable type: ‘Position’
Which is wierd since it works fine when i run it locally.
Code piece in question:

for u in unpacked_grid:
    halite = game_map[u].halite_amount
    halite_at_pos[u] = halite

So I figured I could just convert the folder to a zip and then upload that, however whenever I try to upload that, it doesn’t do anything when I click submit.

Help is much appreciated, since I don’t want to rewrite my entire code.


It sounds like your version of the hlt library is different from that in the online editor. I’d go with uploading a zip as the way to upload if you are working locally.

For the problem uploading the zip - are you logged in? That’s usually the issue when I have this sort of problem.


The online editor has a slightly outdated starter kit. We’ll be updating this shortly, but you’ll have to reset the editor to pick up the changes.


@Som_om, we’ve updated the starter kit in the online editor. To continue working on your bot in the editor, please do the following:

  • Download your current bot: Editor > Download
  • Reset the starter kit: Editor > Settings > “Delete Bot and Reset Language”
  • Replace the default with the contents of your downloaded file

Please let us know if you have any issues.


This happened to me also, the problem was the editor one doesn’t have hash code implemented for several objects. Use zip; easier to keep track of versions, store all your zips versioned.