Questionable strategy


I’ve stabilised at ~170 (on my ‘main’ account), but I’m still running into people who are still using naive_navigate. I don’t know if that’s classed as high rank, but it’s definitely not middle to low.

For reference, this is the kind of match I was talking about:

Our bots at the time had roughly similar scores (~56), so I would have expected a close game, however it was clutched almost immediately because they were running naive navigate. This happened at ~240 (not high ranks, but not low) so it’s still a fairly common thing even approaching gold league.

For the record, I’ve stopped using the strategy because I felt far too scummy running it : P


personally I consider this as a horrible strategy that will never get to the top 100 at any time.
it is like a chess game, imagine you close the game with disadvantage, hoping that you coordinate your pieces when the game is closed, once your opponent sacrifice and open the game, he will take all the advantage and there is no come back.


I still think things should be done to prevent strategies like this. in 2 player games, its easy to overcome, but in 4 player games its just a matter of luck if you spawn adjacent to a player doing this strategy, which costs you tons of halite to keep destroying their ships while the other 2 players (or 1 player diagonal from the player doing this strategy) have no economical impact. This would usually force you to place 3rd or 4th, usually you playing 3rd while the guy doing this strategy places 4th, but it ends up costing you to lose ranking anyway.


Your rank is based on hundreds of games, it’s not worth worrying about unfairness in any particular game.