Remembering opponents & online learning?


Does anyone try to remember behaviour of individual opponent, and is there any online persistence on the server? Downloading game logs seems like another way to do this.

Different opponent have very different reactions, some chase my full ship all the way back to the shipyard, but others back off of absolutely every potential collision, would be useful to program for.


As far as I can tell, there is no persistence of data created after ‘install’ period, nor Internet access during a match.

As for identifying players, (unless the engine is outputting names that the starter kits don’t receive) there’s no way to detect them.

I’d like to see future events allow some persistence and possibly Internet access, so a bot can legitimately learn on its own/update itself.


There is no persistence or Internet access, nor a way to identify your opponents.


too bad… i’m optimizing parameter by training against myself, but online vs real opponents the results are very different! Especially in attack situations having my 4 bots all basically follow tweaked versions of the same methodology isn’t that helpful.