Strategic Question


Looking at my Bot’s stats, it seems that my win rate is consistent across all size maps in 2 player games, but in 4 player games, my winrate goes down the bigger the map, and wins only 3% of 64 by 64 maps. I looked thoughout a lot of my replays, and can’t find a reason why this is happening aside from that my opponents get more ships out in the early game, but that can’t be the reason because that would make me do worse in games of any size map, not just big ones.

The only difference in my current script between 2 player and 4 player games is that in 2 player games, my method to calculate the distance to a potential target spot weights vertical movement only 1/2 as much as horizontal movement, which would encourage the ships to go more vertically and collect all the halite on my own side of the board, rather than moving onto my opponent’s side in the early game and causing a lot of early collisions with my opponent’s ships.

Could someone possible look though some of my 4 p[layer replays and give on insight on why this trend is occurring?


Maybe your opponents getting more ships early may have a higher snowball effect in bigger maps where usually there are more ship spawns.


Optimal ships count in theory is a function of halite amount on the map, map size and turn number. The simplest solution is to build ships until half of game is passed.

But as I can see your bot lose large maps because of not optimal targets selection. For some reason it ignore good halite cells nearby your shipyard and direct ships to cells on the other half of the map. Also in 4 players game in 32*32 map it’s very important to quickly change targets when 2 ships have been crashed because after 200-300 it is the only source of halite.


IMO getting Gold tier is easier than last year, and all it involves is decent pathfinding and target selection.

But getting beyond Gold tier seems harder this year. I am stunned at how little difference ideas similar to what got me into the top 100 last year make with this version.


I have addressed this issue in my code. The one main outstanding issue right now is that my ships overcommit into 1 specific area. Like say 1 collision occurs between me and my opponent, all my ships will change targets to try to pick up the drop from that collision, so it results in a mass-collision between my ships and the opponents and I end up losing a good chunk of my ships from it.


yeah, the key is, your bot needs to be less aggressive in a 4 player match. Make sure most of the ships survive. Because otherwise your bot will be losing ships against not 1 but 3 opponents