Team Coding - Cooperation on the code


Hello guys,

We created a team to cooperate on this new season but it looks like, except the fact we are in the same team, not much is possible to do cooperatively.

This might be nice for the teammates to have access to the latest code done in their own Online Editor.
So far the online possible way to share the code I found is to manually send it to them.



One option is to set up a shared (private) git repo on your site of choice. I have a repo I set up that includes the wonderful Halite Visualizer & Gym from Halite Downloads. You can run your bots offline as much as you want (even against old versions), and it’s pretty easy to submit them too.

I think when I start my team (after some friendly 1 on 1 competition :grinning:) that’s what I’ll use.


Yeah, we don’t have provisions for sharing code directly. However, any team member can submit the team bot. They should also be able to download the team bot.


There is so much to do cooperatively! You could do some machine learning on your bots together for instance. What is a problem with having a shared repo, gitlab has nice features (e.g. issue board, CI servers) in the free plan.