The bar is too low


Given the fact less than 60% of bots can win a match against an idle bot IOW end the game with 5000 points or more it means if the non-performing bots were eliminated it would result in load reduction on the game servers by a factor of 5 or 80.5% to be exact. (Think $$)

It would also make the badges more meaningful if they were only restricted to bots able to score 5000 or more.

Make part of bot compilation process a game against an idle bot and if the bot can not score >5000, reject the bot. This would result in a better overall experience for players with performing bots(more games) and also encourage writing better code as this is a relatively low bar to cross so no one committed to writing bots for a living would be discouraged. :wink:


Current system is fine.

relatively low bar to cross

Except this has not impact whatsoever on the difficulty in the higher tiers.

People with fancy but incomplete bots would be dissuaded by crap initial performance when they’re testing on rankings.


It would also require updating all of the default bots - since the basic behavior demonstrating how bots work is worse than the idle bot behavior, and it would be an awful new player experience to have the default bot rejected from the server.


It seems allowing the initial game with an idle bot to be viewable by the user or even public - like any other game, would address all the concerns voiced so far.