Unable to run program on online code editor


When I paste in my bot’s code and press “Run”, the terminal panel on the right side says “Starting Game…” but never actually runs my code.


Yup, same problem here. I get:

Starting game…
Fetching replay…

and nothing. Just frozen there


Same Here, I closed browser and tried again. worked then for me


I have the same problem on my laptop, this morning all worked and then just stopped around 13.00.
In my PC instead I try to log in with github but doesn’t work…strange thing is that with the same credentials I can log in in the forum.


I had this problem, I deleted my browsing history and cookies and it has worked since.


Bump, as I am having the same problem and clearing history and cookies does not work. Also tried switching browser, and still nothing.

It appears as though it does not matter if I set it to battle itself or the currently submitted bot.
It runs just fine locally, without any warnings or errors.

If it matters: my old/currently submitted bot is in python, but I wanted to switch to C++, so the one I am trying to test run to compare with the current one is in C++.

EDIT: I DO get a message that “Game failed to run” and to try again in a few minutes. This has been going on for days now.

EDIT 2: Feeling desperate I tried to upload the bot and see what happens and it failed to compile. Will work through the errors now, but I have to say it would be very helpful if the online editor said this when trying to run the game in stead of “failing to run the game”.