Unable to use downloaded training data


I downloaded data for my SVM bot according to the instructions here and that seemed to work okay.

But in the SVM starter kit, the trainer will only parse files that end in .hlt. None of the downloaded files do. I tried modifying the code to train on all files in my training directory, but ran into errors after that:

zstd.Error: Input data invalid or missing content size in frame header.

Am I not downloading the data correctly, or maybe I’m missing something else?


@sgocity, thanks for noting this issue, and our apologies! Yes, the SVM starter kit expects .hlt files, and the CLI downloads JSON files. We will enable .hlt downloading in https://github.com/HaliteChallenge/Halite-III/issues/117. In the meantime, .hlt files will need to be downloaded from the web UI page for training.


@whatelsie Great, thanks! And yes, I downloaded some training data via the UI, and that worked perfectly.