Unable to watch replays



Im unable to watch replays. I get the following error:
“There was an error parsing the replay. Please let us know at halite@halite.io.”

I already tried refreshing multiple times, no succes.
Im a mac user so I use safari.

Any ways to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance


im also getting this error, im on windows and i use Firefox


i hope they can solve this. Its hard to improve your bot if you cannot see what it’s doing.


i know right, its annoying


hi there, did you fix it?


Force refresh Chrome’s cache if you’re using it.


im not using chrome though


is there a way to force refresh firefox?


it’s ctrl + shift + r, I believe


not fixed yet for me, you?


i just downloaded an offline replay viewer that works perfectly fine, another thing you could do is use Google Chrome.


I’ll check it out, thanks