What was the win condition that make this winner won the game?


How did the winner win the game?

Isn’t Kai v 2 the one who won the game?


Kai does not have ships either enough halite to continue the game so he lose automaticlly. This is bug and feature at the same time but it does not affect any non-starterkit bots.


So the game ended earlier than the intended turn number (because of Kai doesn’t have ships or enough halite to continue).

Can you elaborate on “it doesn’t affect any non-starterkit bots”? Why is it so?



Situation when you have no ships and less then 1000 halite but at the end of the game still have more halite than opponent simply can not happen with not “random movement” bots. Any bot in top1000 can collect some halite and end up with more than 1000.
P.S. I can use wrong words sometimes because of English is not my native language.