When to stop producing ships?


Do you guys have any guidelines on this ?

This is what I think I should consider, do you see anything else ?

Total number of halite on the map
Number of players

maybe how good the opponent is doing ? Set more agressive starts when the other player is doing good and safer starts when he does bad ?


yeah to do it perfectly seems complicated, need a monte carlo simulation of distance & time & cost of picking up each cell of halite…

I;m simply stopping production at 30% of game time which works great for small maps, but I keep losing to players who produce ships until like 65% time on big maps with lots of halite. A simple table of map size & halite / num players is my next step.

Other players who produce lots of ships tend to attack me and wipe out my fleet at the end game, if ships are being lost it seems that needs another formula for how many to respawn.


I would say number of ships is more important than number of players. Also, number of turn remaining is a very important one; don’t want to create ships on the last few turns!


I’m running currently on making the maximum ships until 60% of game turns have elapsed. You guys come up with any good formula? maybe can just build a table based on the winning players ship production time vs board size & max halite. They all seem to put all their halite into new ship production, until suddenly stopping and shifting to collecting.

if another player starts suiciding into my ships though think need some backup code to produce a few replacement ships i think even after the cutoff…


I think at the very lest you should also factor in map size and number of players.