Why are people destroying all their ships at the end of the game?


Why are people destroying all their ships at the end of the game? Does the number of ships affect anything?

Anybody have good general guidelines?

It is faster and more efficient to crash all your ships together on your shipyards/drop-offs than wait for them to move. Being able to return a possible 4 ships per shipyard/drop-off per turn is a lot faster than just 1.


You only get halite for halite dropped off at a shipyard/dropoff. If you have 20 ships with 200 halite each at the end of the game, that’s 4000 halite you are wasting, and like the poster above said, it’s much easier at the end of the game to just crash your ships rather than waiting a turn for the one on the home to move because there is no penalty or bonuses for collisions or ship counts.


You pretty much have to do this to compete.


It would be interesting to know if it was a conscious design choice as it is not mentioned anywhere in the docs.


I don’t think it was anticipated when they started designing the game, as I get all these stray error logs as a result


Another example there are problems ML can not solve.

Humans:1 ML:0


Why do you assume that ML cannot learn a strategy of this type? Because none of them have been able to yet?


This is called pringlez.


A bit late, but do you know how they are colliding their ships without getting any errors? As soon as two of my ships collide, I get a warning in the logs and my bot appears to stop working.


You get a warning from collisions but that won’t stop the game. Your game might be stopping because all of your ships have collide and their are none left ?

Regardless, warnings are expected when crashing your ships :slight_smile:


I have a ton of ships left, but they all stop moving. It’s probably a bug in my code somewhere. Really weird.


You’d probably have to fallback to ship.move(Direction(x)), as opposed to using .naive_navigate() or anything that marks and respects unsafe cells, if you haven’t done that already…


I still don’t get it. So you collide all your ships (except 1) and have that 1 remaining ship collect all the halites in 4 turns (25% each turn) and return that to the shipyard/dropoff? is that correct?


When ships collide over a dropoff or factory, all the halite in the collision is automatically deposited with the owning player.


Already done. As soon as 2 ships first collide, they all stop moving :frowning: